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Tons of effects to add to your photos


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Pixlr (also known as Pixlr Express and Autodesk Pixlr) is a photo editing program that provides tons of features, utilities, and effects so you can add a unique touch to your photos, all from within your mobile device.

The app allows for the typical simple and basic edits, such as resize, rotate, or crop a photo. You can also perform some more advanced edits, such as adjusting the color, eliminating red eye, or adjusting the brightness and contrast.

The greatest thing about Pixlr, however, is that all these features are easy to access from a simple and intuitive interface, where accessing the more than 600 different effects will be a breeze.

Pixlr is a great photo editing utility that gives you all the features of a big desktop program all on your small mobile device.
By Raúl Rosso
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